Portuguese Dreamer

Kate Piekutowski

Etching, Hand-painted with acrylic, water-colours, gold leaf pigment Limited Edition 12/30 2023 / 36 x 36 cm

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Kate Piekutowski

Darwin, Northern Territory

Kate Piekutowski is an Australian contemporary printmaker and textile designer specializing in hand-painted, multi-layered etchings. As a first-generation child of Polish migrants, Piekutowski is fascinated by the concept of living between worlds; simultaneously connected and disconnected to place. Her art and designs explore her Polish ancestry and culture in the context of yearning for a sense of home in the Australian setting.

Over the last ten years, Piekutowski has travelled the world, researching cultural identity and what it means to belong within a community. By taking up artist residencies in Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, India, Tasmania and New Zealand, Piekutowski has developed and synthesized her research and ideas which she artistically interprets through printmaking. The creation of her research findings has inspired Piekutowski to showcase her work in galleries across Australia as well as New York City, Italy, Hong Kong and Singapore. Piekutowski has been the finalist in several art prizes including the Du Rietz Art Award (QLD), Bundaberg Art Prize (QLD), She Art Prize (VIC), Art Lovers Art Prize (AUS), Rotary Art Prize (TAS) as well as the winner of the Kingborough Art Prize in Tasmania in 2013. Having honed her skills and mastering the techniques of metal etched printmaking, she aims to inspire others to take up the historic profession by teaching classes, conducting workshops and lecturing aspiring printmakers.

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